All you need to know about leather motorbike jackets
Cohen Baker 10 December, 2018 0

All you need to know about leather motorbike jackets

Leather is the material traditionally associated with the bike. And for good reason, the history of the motorcycle jacket begins with the Perfecto, a jacket that was made of horse leather at its beginnings in 1928. If the cowhide, more flexible, quickly took over, the style remained.

The look above all

Choosing leather is above all a question of style and motorcycle in the sense of passion for the leather bomber jacket. Today, motorcycle leather jackets are vintage, possibly urban, even racing, but rarely touring. The Touring is for the big rollers, those who practice the highway and the road in all weather, all the year. For them, technical textiles exist with their waterproof membranes and their Germanic style.

  • But still, we can be a big wheeler and be satisfied with a leather jacket all year round without problem because the bike is also a lifestyle that, in the eyes of some, spreads the reason for the benefit of passion. Leather goes hand in hand with this way of enjoying the bike. Just like the machine, it is above all a look, a smell and a particular touch.
  • Whether you are fond of old CafĂ© Racer or Custom, an old school leather bomber jacket menlike the bomber jacket or the Perfecto is the perfect garment. If you have the soul of an athlete, racing leathers will bring you a competitive look, with visible aluminum or carbon shells and modern designs. But maybe you prefer a more discreet look? The bike is a passion that you live every day, and you use it to go to work on weekdays, and to go for a walk on weekends. Leather jackets in both classic and modern styles exist and make an excellent compromise between sobriety and authentic design.
    All you need to know about leather motorbike jackets
  • If this material has modernized over time, the fact remains that leather jackets do not respond to all situations. As emphasized above, it is above all a story of passion more than reason, but it is still good to know what to expect.

For the bad news first, mens leather bomber jacket is not waterproof, and never will be by the very nature of the material. It’s a breathable material, and waterproofing leather with spray before leaving in the rain is a good idea, but this kind of solution does not last for hours. One effective solution, but not the most practical: the over-jacket rain! Rest assured anyway, you will not be soaked at the first small rain.